During the first 3 days I've heard two people losing 3 pounds and one person losing 2.  I've just heard from a couple more - 5 lbs, 6 lbs., and 8 lbs!!  Way to go!  Remember, it's not just about weight loss, but also about cleaning out the bad stuff and putting in the good stuff.  Email me your results!

I lost around 3 pounds, but the biggest change was my neck and spine.  Dr. Sanders said that my neck had never felt so free of muscle tension and that my spine was so much more mobile than usual.  I did notice that I didn't seem to get headaches during this time.  I hope you had positive results as well.

We'll be doing the Fruit & Veggie weeks at different times throughout the year.    This information will remain posted on the website in case you ever want to do it again on your own or if you just want to pick a day of the week or month that is just designated as your Fruits & Vegetables Only days.

Diet Ideas and Recipes

You're doing great, but if you've run out of ideas, your taste buds might be  getting bored.  This diet is going to be torture if you don't vary what you eat.  Don't just grab an apple because it's easy.  Two of your meals should have multiple courses.  Have a salad, something cooked, soup, and some fruit at one sitting.  Here's two things that I have found that I like and make don't make me feel like I'm on a diet.  Please email me with what you have found that you like so I can post it here for others.

Here's some veggie recipes - just remember to look for the ones without pasta, rice, etc.

Here's a smoothie link for fruits

Salsa will add flavor to your veggies.

Misty likes to sauté spinach and garlic in olive oil.  Try adding some tofu with it!

Kathy likes the veggie parmesan cheese.  It's all vegetable, but she says it tastes like the real thing.  She also found I also bought a dressing/marinade that is organic. It is called Sweet Onion & Garlic. It is made from veggies and fruit! It is fat free.

Add some tofu to any of your veggie dishes.  It doesn't really have a flavor, but fills you up and adds texture and protein.  It pretty good when you sauté it with your veggies.

One of the things I like is to make guacamole.  I like it with just avocado, lemon juice, salt and salsa.  (I had Pace in the cupboard and the ingredients looked OK.)  You can also add  tomato, onion, or cilantro if you like.  Then I add pinto beans (I just open a can).  It's pretty good.  I ran out of pinto beans and found a can of Fat Free Refried Beans.  I looked at the ingredients and it's OK.  That was good with the guac too.

Claro's Italian deli on Baseline and Mountain makes their own sauce.  It only has a few ingredients.  You can use that on spaghetti squash or eggplant.

Last night I  sautéed one onion in olive oil until golden, then added 3 chopped tomatoes, sliced eggplant, and 7 olives (I like the Greek ones) and stirred it around and covered it with a lid until the eggplant was a little mushy.  I'm not much of an herb person, so I just added red wine vinegar and salt for flavor.

Email me and let me know what you've tied and how you are doing.  Keep it up!

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