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The plan is made up of five days of strictly fruits, vegetables, and nuts/seeds.  The last two days we will gradually add other foods back in to your system, but will still be heavily fruits and veggies.  You can have all of the fruits and vegetables you would like, with a few exceptions.   That's it.  You will clean out from the inside.  Your body can easily process fruits and vegetables compared to processed foods, so you will need a lot of fruits and vegetables to keep you going.  This is not going to be easy.  You can't just grab a snack at any vending machine or fast food restaurant.  You are going to have to plan and really think about eating.  Food shopping will be very different - you will pretty much be centered around one aisle.  You will probably have to go to the store more often since the foods don't have a long shelf life.  The detox process isn't easy either.  You might get headaches, feel under the weather, and be a little cranky for a few days.  Not easy, but you are worth the effort.  If all goes well, you should feel great at the end.  See who you'll be without all the toxins!


Drink LOTS of water during this time.  Your body needs to flush out the toxins.  Decaffeinated herbal teas are OK.  If you squeeze the juice yourself, you can have as much as you want.
Eat as much as you like, but remember to keep it balanced.  This isn't a starvation diet. 
Try to have equal amounts of raw and cooked vegetables.  This will keep your mouth from getting bored.  Keep in mind that some of the vitamins and minerals can break down with heat, so make sure you aren't skipping the raw stuff.  Try to steam or grill instead of boil as much as possible.
Go for darker leafy greens when having salads.  The darker the leaf, the more vitamins it has.  Iceberg has almost no nutritive value to it at all.
Watch your protein.  You'll need nuts, seeds, beans and tofu for protein (if you read the charts in the Links section below you can find out which nuts, beans, veggies, and fruit have a lot of protein.)
Use onions and garlic as much as you like.
Add all the vinegar you'd like (any kind).  It helps clean out the body as well.
Cover the rainbow.  Get fruits and veggies that cover the color spectrum.  This will help ensure you are getting all the vitamins you need. 
This is all you get to supply your body with the vitamins it needs, so make sure you balance it out.  Don't just pick strawberries as your fruit, choose a berry, a melon, a citrus, nuts, etc.  Do the same with veggies.  Have leafy greens, beans, peas, potatoes, carrots, etc



This diet will really clean out your system.  Citrus fruits (which include tomatoes) have strong cleansing powers.  You might want to use them sparingly for the first day or two depending on how you react to the diet.  As you adjust, increase their amounts to get all the benefits from the diet.
Keep nuts and seeds limited to 2 ounces due to the high fat content.  Olives also have very high fat content so keep them down to a few a day.
No coffee, sodas or alcoholic drinks during this time.  Avoid packaged fruit juices.  The juices in the market have a lot of high fructose corn syrup.  You are getting a lot of calories and you are not getting the vitamin and fiber content.  Give your body a chance to clean out.
If you need to use oil, use olive oil (olives are a fruit).  If you are having trouble eating a lot of raw veggies, use 1-2 tablespoons of non-fat dressing to help you through, but try to taper that off as time goes by.  Some salt is OK, but don't overdo it.  Instead try lemon juice, vinegar, or spices and herbs.
No canned fruit.  The syrups and processing cancel out any benefits.  You can have some frozen veggies, but since you are making such a sacrifice for a short time, try to do the best you can for your body and go fresh as much as possible.  Canned beans are OK.
Use minimal dried fruit and raisins. You can sprinkle a few raisins on a salad for flavor, but do not use them as a snack.  They are very calorie-dense.  A fistful of raisins has about the same calories as a whole pound of grapes.
You can have 2 tablespoons of peanut butter a day (good with apples) if you get the natural stuff that doesn't have corn syrup and other additives.  I recommend Laura Scudders Natural Lower Fat peanut butter.  You can find it at Vons.  Don't worry about all the oils at the top, just mix it up.
No artificial sweeteners!!!

This plan will make you feel great by the time you are done.  Around the second day you might have headaches or feel bad.  One reason for this  is that your body is releasing the toxins that have been trapped in your system.  The other is that you might have withdrawal from caffeine and processed sugars.  It can be tough (really tough), but fight through it.  It's only seven days, you can do it!  Of course if any symptoms get too overwhelming for you or cause great concern, stop the diet and call us or seek medical help if you feel something is really not right with you.   If it's too much of a shock to your system, you might need to try it for just a day, then next time build up to two days until you can go for the full seven days.

The Last 2 Days

Your diet will remain basically the same, but we want to ease your body back  to eating other foods again. On the sixth day,  add one item into each meal.  Go slowly the sixth day and see how you feel.  On the seventh day you can add two to each meal if you handled day six without any problems.  If you find your system isn't handling things well, cut out the item that seems to be problematic, or give yourself an extra day or two to come off.

Start by adding eggs, brown rice, whole grain breads,  pastas or oatmeal  the sixth day.  Pick only one item per meal.  On the last day, you can try adding small amounts of meat.  Stick with fish, chicken, or turkey.  Add in small amounts so you don't shock your system.  You can also try to bring in cheeses - feta is a good one to start with. 

When the 7 days are over, be conscious of how you feel when you add your favorite treats back.  You might discover what you thought made you happiest actually makes you feel the worst.


You will burn this stuff more quickly than you are used to.  You will need to eat more frequently.  Also, so be sure to carry around a piece of fruit for emergency hunger!  Try to eat before getting too hungry.  If you want to make this work, you'll have to plan your day out ahead of time.
Make your calories count.  Review the food charts I've listed in the Links section.  See which fruits and veggies have more protein or vitamins and lean towards them, but if your favorite doesn't score as high, don't skip it, just be aware and supplement with others that rank higher.
Be creative.  You can make salsa and guacamole.  Experiment with seasonings.  Mix up some fruits in the blender.  Throw a bunch of veggies in a pot with some tofu and make soup.  Edamame beans (soy beans you get at sushi restaurants) can be purchased frozen (with or without shells).  They are great for snacking on.  Don't forget about peppers. 
STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO TRY TO SABOTAGE YOUR DIET!!!  You know who they are.  It's just 7 days, you can check in with them when you are done!
As you detoxify and go through withdrawal from caffeine and processed sugars, it's going to be rough, I'm not going to lie to you.  It should just be hard for a day or two.  Push through it and see who you can be without all of your toxins.
Before you start, weigh and measure yourself.  List any health problems you are having (colds, snoring, headaches, lethargy, PMS, acne, persistent cough,  joint pain, muscle aches, bad breath, heart burn, ulcers - whatever.)  At the end, see if any of those things have diminished or disappeared.  When you go back to your regular eating habits, see if any thing that was reduced or gone now reappears..
Email me with tips, comments, and questions.  I'll post them up as I receive them.  If you feel like you want an email buddy for support, let me know and I'll post your email address.  I'd love to get feedback after as well and see how you feel and how much you lost.

Links I found helpful/interesting

http://www.thefruitpages.com/ This site has a lot of great info on fruit.  Click on their link to Fruit and Detoxification.  They have recipes and fruit information so you can check out the vitamin, mineral, protein, and calorie content.
http://www.foodanddiet.com/ This site has interesting information on food and dieting.  They also have some great information on artificial sweeteners if you are interested (you'll find it under the Diet menu).
http://www.fruitarian.com/ac/NutritionalContentsOfFruits.htm Explains what each of the vitamins and minerals are needed for.
http://www.healthalternatives2000.com/nut-seed-chart.htm This page has the  vitamin, mineral, protein, and fiber content of nuts, fruits, and vegetables.
http://www.vitaminuk.com/pages/articles/fruitdiets.htm#How_fruit_diet Some info about  fruit diets.
http://freedomyou.com/level%202/RECIPE%20GUIDE.htm This site has all kinds of recipes and info on fruits, veggies, etc.
Please read this.  It has a lot of info about what you might expect and why this diet is good for you.

Excerpt From Whole Foods & Healing Recipe

It is incredible that North American society has turned to heavy hamburgers and French fries as their mainstay in diet, instead of fruit. But we have paid a bitter price. Fruit is not addictive and does not rise up cravings as does fat, salt, and sugar-filled processed foods. They seem not to dull the inner wounds of the soul as junk food does temporarily. In fact those who live on a high percentage of fresh fruit find themselves becoming sharp in mind and sensitive in emotion. It is almost like living in a state of fasting all the time. Many of us who run away from inner turmoil and pain would find it difficult to live a high fruit diet, even for a short time because of the sensitivity it brings.

It would seem as if man would do all he can to numb and dull himself to his own pain and the world around. Escaping to a mucus fog of sleepiness where everything is distant.

 All Fruit Diet as a Detoxification Program
An all fruit diet will provide a benefit similar to juice fasting, it is a great alternative to juice fasting. Eating a diet exclusively of fruit takes far more discipline and self-control than fasting. I have gone on many fasts but have yet been able to accomplish a lengthy diet of fruit. During fasting, your digestive system shuts down. Psychologically and spiritually you have become resolved not to eat. But an all fruit diet is very different in that your digestive system is fully active and you are still engaged in eating. For most of us who are accustomed to living on a highly, concentrated diet of meats and starches, fruit can often feel unsatisfying physically because our digestive system is producing large amounts of hydrochloric acid, resulting in a grumbly stomach for the first two or three days of a fruit diet. Also, physiologically, fruit does not give that heavy, full-belly feeling, and cravings can rise powerfully to the surface.

Surprisingly, a fruit diet is lower in calories than juice fasting, hence resulting in a deeper detoxification. Due to the cleansing effect of fruit and reduction of calories, the tongue will become coated, breath, foul and you may experience times of weakness due to the release of toxins.

Because the digestive system is still active, but you have drastically reduced caloric intake, for the first few days, you may experience intense hunger. Hunger is good! Face it with courage. Show whoís in control. But donít face hunger on your own strength. What a glorious joy it is to overcome hungerís control over your life. That victory will lead you to many others.

Types Of fruit during a Fruit Diet
In choosing fruit, try to eat melons and non-acid fruits. Too much citrus fruits will increase detoxification. At the start, fruit may cause diarrhea. In time, the body will grow accustomed to the fruit's cleansing properties.

Those who wish to change over to a fruit diet will experience occasional weakness, or possibly even a cleansing crisis. Fruits are high in vitamin C, as well as citric acid, which is a powerful detoxifier. The absence of mucus-forming foods allows the lymph glands a chance to detoxify. Less digestive effort results in more cleansing time resulting in vibrant health and a need for less sleep.

What Is More Nutritious, Bread Or Fruit?

What enters more gradually into the bloodstream, a complex carbohydrate or fruit?
  Most of us would answer confidently that fruit enters the bloodstream more quickly because it is a simple sugar. Whereas, complex carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta are gradually digested and broken down into glucose.  This is a misconception.

According to the Blood Glucose Response Table given as a guide to diabetics, bread, beans, white potatoes, brown rice all break down to glucose in the bloodstream more quickly than fruit. White sugar is less of a dramatic shock to the blood sugar level than whole wheat bread!

Fructose, the sugar commonly found in all fruit, is the gentlest to enter the bloodstream, requiring the least amount of insulin.

Complex carbohydrates melt in your mouth into simple sugars because of the digestive enzyme, alpha-amylase present in the saliva. Chewing a slice of whole wheat bread will transform up to 50% of the starch into glucose before it even hits the stomach. Fruit is a better source of fuel than bread because of its ability to sustain energy without overtaxing the pancreas for insulin production. Fructose does not need insulin to break down as it is slowly absorbed through the lower intestinal wall.

The best source of fuel for the body is protected simple sugars found in fruits. Honey, maple syrup and molasses are unprotected sugars because they lack natural fibers to slow down the rate of absorption. Fruit sugar (fructose) is the healthiest alternative when using a processed sweetener. Fruit sugar, locked into the soft fibers of fresh fruit, is the most perfect fuel for the cells. Gentle, slow-releasing, energy-sustaining, compounded with vitamins, minerals, water-soluble proteins, enzymes and trace elements. As the blood carries fructose to every cell, these life-giving elements are compounded with the fructose molecule, allowing the nutrients to be highly absorbable and readily used. Fructose molecules act as a delivery system to your cells.

All starch is composed of long chains of sugar molecules. Through digestion, these chains are broken down into simple sugars. Fruit, bread, potatoes, rice, and beans are reduced to glucose. To the body, white sugar and white flour are the same fuel. Of these foods, fruit requires the least digestion to supply the bodyís need for glucose fuel.

North Americanís love cooked starch. From muffins to macaroni, starch is the biggest part of our diet. Yams, turnip, corn, beans, peas, potatoes all taste better when cooked, yet there is a change in how these foods digest. Raw corn is high in natural, health-giving oil and starch. However, when cooked it alters and becomes mucus-forming. Raw potatoes can be used in the healing of stomach ulcers, yet through cooking they lose this healing property, becoming mucus-forming. The immune system increases the production of white blood cells, reacting as if an intruder had entered the blood.

Cooked, starchy food requires strong acids to digest. Excess acid in the blood has a negative effect on the immune system, healing and creating a sluggish metabolism.

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